The question of Duck

The question  of Duck l 2007 (Dutch version)

De Eenhoorn, Wielsbeke

Cover and illustrations: Ann Ingelbeen

ISBN 978-90-5838-397-6

Where do you go when live comes to an end? This is the question of Duck. An important question, because she just lost her duckling and her sorrow is deep and dark. Everybody - people, things and animals - have their own answer to this question. All toghether the answers of elephant, grandma, the little girl, snowflake and all the others tell a story about the circle of life. Duck finds comfort and a reason to go on with her life.

A tender picture book that invites to philosophize with children about life, death and love.

It has been translated into Portugese (Brinque Book) and Chinese (Alvita Publishing)

topics:  death - life after death - philosophy

target group: 4 to 104.

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